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Bicentennial Map of early GIScience professional, data journalist, and geologist William Smith:

A delineation of the strata of England and Wales. : With part of Scotland; exhibiting the collieries and mines, the marshes and fen land originally overflowed by the sea, and the varieties of soil according to the variations in the substrata, illustrated by the most descriptive names. (Published London: John Cary, 1815.)
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… das passiert vermutlich, wenn man eine Gemeinde per Randomgenerator zwischen 2 Ländern aufteilt. Enklaven in Exklaven…
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summerupnorth: LOL canadian stereotypes FTW

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In Lima, you better be good at jumping to get from one street to the next. But then again, as long as the street you want to go to is called S/N, you’ll reach it quickly.  (based on a reader’s submission - thanks!)

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map of north america
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Metal bands per 100.000 people.
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>> Johann Heinrich von Thünen's (1783-1850) urban land use model goes like this: In the middle is a black dot that represents a city and which is surrounded by zones: 1 (white) dairy and market gardening; 2 (green) forest for fuel; 3 (yellow) grains and field crops; 4 (red) ranching; the outer, dark green area represents wilderness "where agriculture is not profitable". Food globalization has rendered this model (idealized and all) out of date but you can see where it is coming from.
Cryptoforestry on the oche: the city and its surrounding fields are a dart board (or a mandala) written on the land, the wilderness is where your darts shouldn't go. But, it doesn't mean that the marginal area away from the board is not important.<<
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